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How Promotional Mugs Help Send Your Message Across?

Promotional mugs are great samples of effective promotional gifts. Promotional mugs are useful, easy to use, likely to be used and can actually serve as great desktop marketing or advertising tools. Promotional mugs are also among the usual default choices for promotional gifts because they’re affordable to produce. And so because they’re relatively cheap, useful and likable, promotional mugs should be part of your corporate gifting plan, if ever you do decide to have one.

But did you know that over and above all these, promotional mugs can actually help send your message across as well? By message we mean not only your brand, company name, logo, slogan or contact details but the type of corporate message that you actually want to send to your potential or existing customers, the type of message that you want to send out to the business community and to your potential financiers or angel investors, the type of message that would embody you and your business and the type of message that you want people to always remember about you. This may sound too much but believe us when we say that even the most ordinary items such as promotional mugs can do wonders for your business.

Perhaps the biggest argument for this is the fact that the world as we know it today now has become a nation of big, passionate coffee drinkers. And you know what this means. Coffee is equal to mugs. Hence, no self respecting businessman should just downplay the fact that since more and more people now drink coffee (and obviously use mugs), more and more people now would also need to buy and use mugs. The more people drink coffee, the more they need mugs, the more you, as an entrepreneur who wants and needs virtually cheap marketing and advertising, must order and give away promotional mugs. Sounds easy peasy? You bet it is. Still, there are a few things you must bear in mind.

First of which is the type of promotional mug that you want to order and give away. Would you want to have promotional travel mugs? These are mugs that frequent travelers or people on the go would want. These mugs are also more preferred by what most people call “road warriors.” Are the frequent travelers or people on the go part of your target market? Do you want to catch their attention? Then perhaps these types of mugs are great as promotional mugs for your business. Next, would you want to have aluminum promotional mugs? These are akin to the mugs we find in large coffee store chains. A screen print bearing your business, business name, logo and contact details can be placed on the surface of that promotional mug. That will be pretty popular especially among the yuppies - the coffee drinking young Wall Street type of guys who like hanging out at the pantry or near the office water station. Just think of what they’ll talk about when they see your business on their mugs - perhaps they may even schedule a trip to your store soon or they would want to check out your business website the next time they go online. A third type of promotional mug would be the ordinary ceramic mug. These are very popular and very common. You can, however, put a little twist to your ceramic promotional mug. Perhaps you can include a stuffed toy along with the mug or an all in one packet (coffee, cream and sugar). It’s really pretty easy to present your otherwise ho-hum ceramic promotional mug in a different manner. This, to ensure that the mug can help send your message across.

Promotional mugs can truly help send your message across. Because your business logo and contact details will be found on the promotional mugs, it will signal the fact that you are a legit operation. You can also share your business slogan on promotional mugs. This way, your customers will have an idea of what your business stands for, what your business goals are and what you plan to give to your clients. Is it proper customer service? Is it high quality products? Is it reliable and fast after sales support? You can place that on the promotional mugs. Be as creative and as resourceful as you can. Remember, even the most basic items can be used in order to help your business goals - whether short term or long term. And in this case, promotional mugs can really help.

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