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How Promotional Gifts Can Help Your Business Advertising?

In today’s business landscape, it is very important to not only have a great brand, image or product to sell or promote but you must also have strong ties with other companies and business entities. This is important because as cliche as this may sound, akin to the “no man is an island” statement, no business must also remain as an island. Businesses must also reach out to other businesses and entrepreneurs must also reach out to other entrepreneurs. This way, businesses can boost their sales, image and goodwill.

One way to develop these marketing ties is via promotional gifts. Come to think of it, all of us have most likely received promotional gifts at one point. These are part of the tried and tested marketing strategies for any business, regardless of its nature or manufactured product. Promotional gifts are effective marketing methods that can help not only short term business goals but long term ones as well. Moreover, promotional gifts can actually help the name recall or recognition of your brand or business, reinforcement of your brand or business and can also promote good business reputation.

A few samples of these promotional gifts are promotional umbrellas, calendars, golf balls, coffee mugs, mouse mats, USB flash drives, external hard drives, pens, pencils, t-shirts, caps, watches, bags and keychains. Over the years, promotional gifts have “evolved” somehow. Years ago, companies tend to consider budget as its foremost concern whenever they decide to give away some promotional gifts. These days, however, apart from budget, businesses now already tend to consider the usability aspect whenever they decide to have some promotional gifts produced or manufactured. An example of this is the USB flash drive promotional gift. Because people nowadays tend to use USB flash drives, these make for ideal promotional gifts. This way, whenever the person who received that USB flash drive sees or uses it, he or she also sees the logo of your business or the name or tagline of the company. Another good albeit common promotional gift idea is a shirt. People generally like and use shirts so giving away promotional gifts such as t-shirts is a great idea. Brands can print their logos on these shirts or can also include their taglines, website URLs, email addresses and links to their social networking website profiles. Ergo, free advertising but in the form of a “gift.”

What one should also remember is that these promotional gifts can directly and indirectly show goodwill, credibility, reputation and good business sense. Goodwill because, after all, these are supposed to be “gifts” - things that a business are interested to give away because they want to “befriend” you. Credibility because through these gifts, you are willing to make public the name of your company, contact details of your company and other information about your company. This signals the fact that you are legit and not just some fly by night character. Reputation and good business sense because whether these promotional products can eventually be used or not, they show that you have enough money to shell out for advertising, marketing, linkage development and business development. To many expert entrepreneurs, this will signal the image or perception that you’ve done your research, you’ve done feasibility studies, you’ve done preparations and that you’ve also kept your cash flow intact.

Additionally, promotional gifts can help your business advertising efforts by helping increase your brand visibility. Just think of it this way - one person wears a promotional gift such as a cap with your business logo and official website URL printed on it and two people sees it. Those two people will then remember your website URL and will access it during their free time at work. When they like what they see, they will then share the link to their co-workers. Those co-workers will then share that link with their own family and friends and so on and so forth. The possibilities of your brand being recognized and shared are definitely endless. And with endless recognition comes profit margins!

Finally, here’s one more thing that may convince you on just how powerful and effective promotional gifts are when it comes to business advertising --- promotional gifts are, more often than not, way cheaper than traditional advertising methods. Compared to traditional advertising which may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, a cap or a shirt or even a USB flash drive obviously costs way cheaper. For just a few dollars, your business is guaranteed good, effective and far-reaching advertising.

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