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Why Corporate Gifts Should Be Part Of Your Business Budget?

A lot of entrepreneurs, especially the newbie ones or those who have start up endeavors, tend to only allocate money for the “basic needs” of his or her business. These will most probably include office rentals, office equipment, initial salaries and other overhead costs. Advertising and other marketing methods will also be allotted money but most of the time, entrepreneurs tend to only set aside a minimal amount. Which should not be the case, really. Because, after all, a business cannot survive without advertising. A business cannot also survive without proper linkages, business development measures and other means that could help spread the word about the mere existence of the company. No business has managed to grow into a large corporation without spending on these measures. Yes, even on gifts.

Enter - corporate gifts. This may sound a little ordinary for many but you really should not discount the power of corporate gifts. Really, who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Everyone loves gifts! These corporate gifts can help boost marketing and advertising strategies and can even help create goodwill or good business relationships between the company and its clients, between the company and its employees, between the company and its potential customers and even between the company and its competitors.

Before we delve into this further, however, let’s define corporate gifts. Corporate gifts are items or freebies that businesses give to existing clients, potential customers, employees, officials and even to previous employees and direct or indirect business competitors. These corporate gifts are given in an effort to create a good image, a good reputation, a good perception and a good relationship. Examples of corporate gifts would be edible fresh fruit arrangements with handwritten messages of thanks from a prominent officer of your company, office supplies such as pens, pencils, stationery and notepads with your company logo, name and contact details printed on them, sports related items such as singlets and caps (these are very ideal for businesses that are involved in marathons), coffee mugs, bags, keychains, personalized calendars, desk accessories, clocks, umbrellas, tools and torches, watches and even mp3 / mp4 players.

When businesses give these corporate gifts, not only will they project an image of being a “friendly” and “generous” business, they will also increase their profit margins and advertising as well as marketing measures. Corporate gifts are great tools that can be used for promotional purposes. Because these corporate gifts will brandish the business logo, business name, contact details of the business, tagline or slogan or even links to their Facebook, Twitter or Google Pages profiles, then these can help customers remember the brand the next time they shop. The customers will also most likely share the good news about your business because they received a freebie. Moreover, people have this tendency to feel a little bit obligated to at least visit your website or try your business out because they received something from your business.

Still, you must bear in mind that you should not give away just about any type of corporate gift. As a business owner, you must also consider practicality, usability and effectiveness of your gift. Think about it - would a potential customer want to receive a keychain if most of the products that you sell have something to do with technology? If a customer just bought tens of thousands of dollars from your store, do you think he or she will be pleased to just receive a coffee mug in exchange? Do you think a USB flash drive or a set of computer speakers will make your new client happy? Your corporate gifts must somehow be usable (and of good quality, mind you!) in order for the recipients to always remember your brand. For instance, if you give away an umbrella with your business name, logo and contact details printed on it and you give this away during the rainy season, of course your customer will most likely use the umbrella and will most likely see your brand and logo and will most likely remember you the next time he or she needs something that your store sells or carries. It therefore will most likely translate to a sale and even a repeat sale! These are the things that you must bear in mind whenever you plan what type of corporate gift to give away.

So should corporate gifts be a part of your business budget? Do you want to make a profit? The answer is really that simple.

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